15 Ways You Can Help Your Community

1. Volunteer a morning of your time at a nursing home, hospital, community centre, or food pantry.

2. Offer to shop for groceries, or do laundry for a shut-in neighbour.

3. Baby-sit overnight for a friend or relative with young children so the parents have a night, or a weekend to themselves.

4. Campaign for an organization, or group that works for a cause you believe in.

5. Tell your local election board that you’ll help monitor the voting booths on the next Election Day.

6. Spend Thanksgiving (or another day) volunteering at a homeless shelter.

7. Give old clothes, books, or furniture to The Salvation Army or a local facility, such as a Community Centre or Church.

  1. 8. Get involved in planning a charity event, or fundraiser for a group or organization.
  2. 9. Offer to coach or assist the Coach on a sports team at the local school or children’s centre.
  3. 10. Donate a service you do well to a local Community Centre or nonprofit group whether it’s baking, accounting, plumbing, or writing.
  4. 11. Mow the grass, shovel the walk, or clean house for an older relative or neighbour.
  5. 12. Spend a Saturday or two working at a Humane Society.
  6. 13. Give your frequent flyer miles to the Make a Wish Foundation.
  7. 14. Start a block (or building) association that looks after neighbours, works on local issues, and the environment.
  8. 15. Spend a day with your family or friends cleaning up a local park or playground.